Solving nutrition struggles for you and your family


Hi! I'm Kacie, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who is passionate about finding individualized, realistic nutrition solutions that will change your life.

I'd love to work together. Take a look at my services or shoot me an email and let me know how I can help.


Nutrition Counseling

I work with individuals, families, and children. Sessions are held on the phone or in-person (Dallas, TX area only).

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workshops and presentations

I love working with parents. Contact me if you're interested in family and child nutrition workshops or presentations.

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Why work with an RD?

There is plenty of nutrition advice on the internet and coming from other professionals like nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness coaches.

What makes an RD different? RDs go through rigorous, comprehensive education and training, in areas like physiology, biochemistry, metabolism, food science, medical nutrition therapy, and more. We complete 1200 hours of supervised practice and  pass a national exam before we can be certified. We're the only ones who are certified to treat medical conditions through diet.

Dietitians are the #1 qualified and trusted source for safe, effective nutrition information and advice.